Wood Inserts

For a cozy home this winter, nothing quite has the advantages of a wood stove. The fuel is economical and ecological, the look is attractive, and the heat is warm. In fact, most people who have lived in a home heated by wood say that wood heat is warmer than other kinds of heat. That may seem impossible, but wood heat really does make for a comfortable home during the winter.

We offer wood stoves from many different brands including:

Blaze King Wood Inserts

Ashford 25

Princess 26


Lopi Wood Inserts

Large Flush Hybrid-Fyre Wood Insert

Answer NexGen-Fyre

Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre

Medium Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre

True North Wood Inserts

TN 20

Napoleon Wood Inserts

Oakdale EP3i


Vermont Castings Wood Inserts

Montpelier II

Pacific Energy Wood Inserts

Alderlea T5 Classic LE

Neo 2.5 LE

Neo 1.6 LE

Summit LE

Vista LE

Super LE