Stove Fuels: Wood Pellets, Coal and Bio Bricks

Cubex 100% Hardwood

Cubex has established itself as one of the highest-quality wood pellets available on the market today. Cubex has a low ash percentage of 0.4% and a BTU rating of greater than 9,000 BTUs per lb. Lauzon Wood Pellets

40# Energex Hardwood / Softwood Blend


Energex Premium Grade Wood Pellet Fuel


40# La Crete West Coast Softwood Pellets – (60 bags/pallet)

La Crete Sawmills

Ambiance Canadian Hardwood Pellets

Recognized for their longer and cleaner combustion, Ambiance wood pellets answers rigorous requirements in efficiency, cleanliness and comfort. Valfei

22# Cubex Force Hardwood Pellets

BioBricks Wood Fuel – XL now available!

Original BioBricks

Blaschak Anthracite Coal

Since 1937, Blaschak Anthracite has been at the forefront of the Anthracite industry, leading with technology, mining and land reclamation innovations. For more information, visit this link: Blaschak Anthracite

BBQ Pellets – 40# APPLE or Hickory, 20# JIM BEAM