Stove Fuels: Wood Pellets, Coal and Bio Bricks

Cubex 100% Hardwood

Cubex has established itself as one of the highest-qualitywood pellets available on the market today. Cubex has a low ash percentage of 0.4% and a BTU rating of greater than 9,000 BTUs per lb. Lauzon Woodpellets

40# Energex Hardwood / Softwood Blend


Energex Premium Grade Wood Pellet Fuel


40# LaCrete West Coast Softwood Pellets – (60 bags/pallet)


Ambiance Canadian Hardwood Pellets

Recognized for their longer and cleaner combustion, Ambiance wood pellets answers rigorous requirements in efficiency, cleanliness and comfort. Valfei

22# Cubex Force Hardwood Pellets

BIO Bricks Wood Fuel – XL now available!

Original Bio Bricks

Reading Anthracite Coal – Nut, Pea, & Rice

For over 140 years, Reading Anthracite Coal has provided an economical heating alternative as a main or supplemental heat source. For more information click on the Anthracite Coal logo or the link below. Reading Anthracite

BBQ Pellets – 40# APPLE or Hickory, 20# JIM BEAM