Wood Fire Pits

Fire Pit Art® Gathering around a fire is a time for connecting with friends and family. Make your time spent together a time that is special and unique.

Manta Ray$859.00 manta_ray_wood_wb


Funky Dog$995.00 funkydogwb Kokopelli$995.00 kopokelliwb (3)

Low Boy$859.00low_boy_woodwb Scallop$859.00 scallopwb

Sea Creature$995.00 seacreaturesupdated Tropical Moon$995.00tropicalfirepitwb

Navigator $1195.00 navigatorwoodwb Saturn$1079.00 saturnwb

Asia$1079.00 asia36wbwoodBeachcomber$1079.00 beachcomber_wood_wb

Namaste$1079.00 namastewbNepal $1189.00nepal_woodwbFleur De Lis$995.00

Emporer $1579.00emporerwoodwb

Magnum $1495.00magnumgas

Third Rock 36"$1595.00 third_rock_wbnf

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